How it all started....

In the Summer of 2010 I had a life altering event that lead to the question.

“Who am I?” and
“What am I going to do?”


The surprising answer that popped into my head was, “I am good.”
I remember, half laughing to myself, thinking, “Really?? That’s it??? There has got to be something more…” But there isn’t.


The words, “say good. do good. be good.” ring of a Universal Truth.
So simple and yet so powerful they apply to us all. They transcend all borders, race, culture, religion, gender, age and education.


What is a Lillistone?

It is an offering to connect.
It is a pact to each other and ourselves.
A solid reminder and a tool to acknowledge the good in our world.
The good in ourselves and the good in each other.


I see good… I see you.

Our Mission

To build a global movement based on a foundation of good and rooted in community and connection.

Our Values

To put good and beauty into the spaces we perceive are between us.





“Lillistones are a salve,
a breath of fresh air in unknown times."

Nancy Jones

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